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Design Workshops for Teams

Robust, successful innovation is about understanding human nature. Our workshops distill the most powerful insights from acting, psychology, & human experience design to help you make love-worthy digital products.

Our Favorite Topics

We custom tailor every workshop according to your team’s needs and objectives.

Creative Empathy

When crafting a (digital) product, empathy trains our intuition for better design decisions. In this workshop, we listen with purpose, using techniques from acting, mindfulness, & psychology to connect more deeply with our customers.

Design for Behavior Change

Which apps do we forget after a week and which stay with us? In this workshop, we design with purpose, empowering people to make meaningful behavior change by helping them fall in love with your product or service.

Meaningful Innovation Strategy

Whether you work in a squad or startup, innovation means understanding & addressing meaningful problems. In this workshop, we experiment with purpose, applying Lean Startup & Lean Validation techniques to your Minimum-Viable Product (MVP).


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What People Say

"Thank you for the interesting workshop. I liked your metaphorical way of presenting, it clearly shows a different perspective of design thinking. Also, I really liked the ‘imaginary table’ game, acting approach indeed has its way to make a meaningful point in a pure, basic way. Full support to you and The Greatness Studio, stay great!"
Dunya Maslic

Dunja Maslic

Senior Project Manager

“Brian helped our global Intelligence team to define its vision, manifesto, principles, transformation journey & enablers in a day and a half. Besides being responsible for the brilliant agenda, he kept the team motivated, energized and really productive with stellar moderation. The team was very impressed with Brian and we are looking forward to extend our cooperation."
Mario Coelho

Mario Coelho

Head of Client & Market Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you, anyway?

Hi, I'm Brian Pagán, UX Coach & Founder of The Greatness Studio.

For 19 years, I’ve designed everything from websites, to digital strategy, to award-winning IoT apps & blockchain services. And I've given workshops at companies & conferences in 11 countries.

What makes you different?

Emotion drives my work: it's the key to our creative superpowers.

I hold a Professional Doctorate in UX Design & a Master's in Industrial Psychology. And I know six ways to brew coffee ☕

Is this a lecture?

No! You won’t be just listening to me talk: our workshops are about doing exercises and getting things done.

Is it really custom tailored?

Absolutely yes! Every organization, event, and audience is different. Let's discuss your objectives & co-create the workshop your participants need.

What other workshops do you provide?

We can also work with you on public speaking, ethical design, privacy for UX, design fundamentals, or whatever else you need that we can help with.

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