Great change begins with us taking action together.

Navigating your digital transformation?
I'm here to help.

Looking for a fresh perspective on user experience?
I've got you covered.

Keen to make empathy your team's next superpower?
Let's do it.


Markets and technology keep changing, but people are always at the core. So robust, successful innovation is about understanding human nature.

I've spent my entire career on a quest for that understanding. My workshops distill the most powerful insights from psychology, acting, and 15+ years in User Experience to help you make stuff people love.

Kind regards,

It's Not a Lecture

You won't be just listening to me talk: workshops are about doing exercises and getting things done.

Wherever You Are

I'll come to you, whether at your offices or off-site, your conference or retreat. This works best face-to-face.

Topic Areas

These are just a starting point. We'll discuss your objectives beforehand and co-create the workshop your participants need.

UX Strategy
  • Empathy as a Process for Digital Innovation
  • Design Humanism: The Future of User Experience
  • Making Stuff People Love: Design for Sustainable Engagement
UX Process
  • Storytelling for Design
  • The Double-Loop Cycle for UX in Agile
  • Empathy for Value Proposition Creation
UX Technique
  • User-Centered Design, Guerrilla Style
  • Persuasive Design for Habits: HOOK in Action
  • Design for Personality: Breathe Soul into Your Product


Let's Talk

Who are you, anyway?

Hi, I'm Brian Pagán, and I've been in User Experience for over 15 years.

I've failed and succeeded with everything from designing websites for SME's, to digital strategy for ad agencies, then award-winning mobile apps for healthcare. And I've given workshops at companies, conferences, & universities in 6 countries.

What makes you different?

We'll use techniques from acting & psychology to help you unlock your (team's) superpowers.

I don't leave my emotions at home - I bring them to work. That's what makes us human and the key to our superpowers. And I hold a Professional Doctorate in User-System Interaction, as well as a Master's in Industrial Psychology.

How many people can participate?

You can have as many participants as you like!
But: the smaller, the better - an ideal workshop group has 10-20 people.

IS it really custom tailored?

Absolutely yes! Every organization or event is different. We'll discuss your objectives beforehand and co-create the workshop your participants need.

"Thank you for the interesting workshop. I liked your metaphorical way of presenting, it clearly shows a different perspective of design thinking. Also, I really liked the ‘imaginary table’ game, acting approach indeed has its way to make a meaningful point in a pure, basic way. Full support to you and The Greatness Studio, stay great!"

Dunja Maslic Digital Solution Architect

"Brian walks the talks when it comes to developing and implementing emotions in user experience design. He managed to influence a multidisciplinary team of technologies, data scientists, knowledge engineers and business managers, and unified their thinking in practical applications for professional and patient users."

Georgio Mosis Head of Innovation Management - Asia @ RGA