Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

My name is Brian Pagรกn; I own The Greatness Studio and this website. Your privacy & personal data are safe here.

But don’t just take my word for it, scroll down and see for yourself. Thanks for caring enough to read this!

This website does not track you.


  • This website uses no cookies, no trackers, and no ads.
  • Data you type into a form goes straight to me; nobody else.
  • My newsletter is completely private; no 3rd parties involved.
  • I delete personal data from all forms every month.
  • You can have your data, or have me delete them, at any time.
  • This website uses SSL encryption and is hosted in the EU.

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No cookies, no trackers, no ads.

This website doesn’t send your data to anyone else. I don’t use Google Analytics, embedded buttons, or tracking cookies.

Forms go straight to me.

When you write me a message through this website, I’m the only person who sees it. And I only see what you type directly into the form.

The newsletter is safe, too.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, thank you! This website stores your e-mail address, and I’m the only person who can access it. I never share it with anyone, not Mailchimp or anyone else.

I delete old data every month.

Every month, I delete all records of form data this website receives, as well as the e-mail addresses of everyone who has unsubscribed from my newsletter. Poof! Gone.

Your data belong to you.

Would you like an overview of all the data I have that relate to you? Would you like me to delete all the data I have that relate to you? Just e-mail me at, and I’ll do whatever you ask (with your data).

SSL encryption keeps the hackers away.

This website uses Secure Socket Layer encryption from Let’s Encrypt. So if someone intercepts any data you send to me, they’ll only see a bunch of unreadable gibberish.

This website lives in Ede, The Netherlands.

While data protection & privacy laws in The Netherlands and European Union aren’t perfect, they’re much better than some other places. That’s why I host this website with Vimexx, at BIT Datacenter in Ede, The Netherlands, European Union.

Thanks for reading!

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