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UX Design Consulting

Meaningful innovation works best when we can engage deeply with the people we seek to empower. The Greatness Studio uses empathy, storytelling, and ethical design to help people fall in love with your products & services.


Experience Strategy

Whether Bach or Beyoncé, a choir sings with one voice. And each person on a product team should be able to contribute their own unique voice towards the same narrative & vision: unified, not uniform.

Behavioral Design

Humans are creatures of habit; we stick with the things we love most. If your product makes people’s lives meaningfully better, we can employ storytelling & behavioral design to help people fall in love with it.

Digital Prototyping

Show always beats tell. And we learn best when we give people artifacts to touch & interact with. From low-fi to high-fi prototypes, paper to pixels, I can help you bring your concept to life for customers & stakeholders.


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What People Say

"Brian is a passionate professional who has produced impressive results, and I imagine has left a mark on everyone he has worked with. He's inspirational, a natural leader who brings forth not only a strong vision, and a hands-on attitude to the table, but also an infectious energy that binds a team together. He has an eye for critique and his invaluable remarks often enrich designers' perspectives and their designs."
Omna Toshniwal

Omna Toshniwal

Lead Product Manager

"When Brian started as lead designer of the team it became clear how all the features we were developing could be glued together in one easy and intuitive application. Brian took ownership where needed and his enthusiasm went viral. He is an excellent presenter and always in for a good laugh."
Freddy Buskens

Freddy Buskens

Agile Scrum Master

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you, anyway?

Hi, I'm Brian Pagán, founder of The Greatness Studio. I've been in human experience design since 2001.

Since then, I've failed & succeeded with everything from websites to digital strategy, from IoT mobile apps to blockchain services & value proposition creation.

What makes you different?

Emotion drives my work: it's the key to our creative superpowers.

I hold a Professional Doctorate in UX Design & a Master's in Industrial Psychology. And I know six ways to brew coffee ☕

Where can I see your work?

📃 Look over my LinkedIn profile

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What’s your process?

I specialize in content-centric design for narrative-driven human experiences.
Read about my playbook here.