Let's turn your digital products into healthy relationships.

Eager to shape your value proposition?
I am, too.

Need to define your vision & strategy?
I can help.

Ready to make stuff people love?
Let's rock & roll.


A great experience is like a healthy relationship. Each is built on love.

For over 16 years, I've designed everything from websites to digital strategy, from award-winning health apps to blockchain services. I use psychology, acting techniques, & user experience design to create digital products people love.

As a consultant, I work on-location or remotely with teams that make positive impact on people's lives, health, & safety. And I'm here to help you.

Warm regards,

Team Coaching

Everyone has hidden talents; great things happen when we bring those to the surface.

Experience Strategy

Whether Bach or Beyoncé, a choir sings with one voice. And each person on a product development team should contribute their unique voice towards the same vision: unified, not uniform.

Rapid Prototyping

Show always beats tell. From low-fi to high-fi; from role playing to an Axure demo, I can help you show your concept to customers & stakeholders.


Let's Talk
Who are you, anyway?

Hi, I'm Brian Pagán, founder of The Greatness Studio. I've been in User Experience since 2001.

Since then, I've failed & succeeded with everything from websites to digital strategy, from connected mobile apps to blockchain services, to value proposition creation.

What makes you different?

I bring my emotions to work - they're the key to our superpowers.

I hold a Professional Doctorate in User-System Interaction and a Master's in Industrial Psychology. And I can brew coffee in 6 different ways ☕


See my design portfolio here.


Read about my design playbook here.

“Brian helped our global Intelligence team to define its vision, manifesto, principles, transformation journey & enablers in a day and a half. Besides being responsible for the brilliant agenda, he kept the team motivated, energized and really productive with stellar moderation. The team was very impressed with Brian and we are looking forward to extend our cooperation."

Mario Coelho Chapter Lead Client Intelligence @ ING Global

"When Brian started as lead designer of the team it became clear how all the features we were developing could be glued together in one easy and intuitive application. Brian took ownership where needed and his enthusiasm went viral. He is an excellent presenter and always in for a good laugh."

Freddy Buskens Agile Scrum Master & Web Developer @ Philips