Because you don't have to do this alone anymore.

Taking your next career step?
I can help.

Looking for a sparring partner?
Bring it on.

Want to start a career in User Experience?
I've got your back.


For us creatives, growing professionally can be a challenge. As a freelancer, you're on your own; in an agency, you're too busy; and in a company, the politics are daunting.

For over 16 years, I've worked freelance, for agencies, and client-side. I've faced plenty of obstacles and made my share of mistakes, often alone. But there should be a better way.

That's why I created The Greatness Studio.

The Greatness Studio also represents an invite-only community of creative superheroes. We offer two kinds of 1:1 coaching, depending on your objective. Both come with a membership to The Greatness Studio community: your own private league of UX Superheros.

Strategy Session

We'll spend 90 minutes together, discussing your goals and making an action plan to get you there. Afterwards, I'll send you some useful resources and, whenever appropriate, put you in touch with people I think will help.

A strategy session is great TO:
  • Get feedback on work or a presentation
  • Define your design vision & principles
  • Prepare for your next job interview
  • Orient yourself in the world of UX

3-Month Coaching Program

This starts with a strategy session to set your objective and create an action plan for you. I'll create a package of materials for you and send you an overview of the action plan we agreed on in the session.

After that, we'll have a one-hour, scheduled check-in call every two weeks. I'll give you homework and hold you accountable for your progress. But I'll also encourage you, and we'll discuss and questions or issues while refining your action plan to fit your needs.

A 3-month coaching program is great TO:
  • Level-up into strategy or leadership
  • Become a master at public speaking
  • Learn the fundamentals of User Experience
  • Infuse empathy & storytelling into your process


Let's Talk

Who are you, anyway?

Hi, I'm Brian Pagán, founder of The Greatness Studio. I've been in User Experience since 2001.

Since then, I've failed & succeeded with everything from websites to digital strategy, from connected mobile apps to blockchain services, to value proposition creation.

How much does it cost?

Strategy Session: €89
Coaching Program: €369
(excl. VAT)

What makes you different?

I bring my emotions to work - they're the key to our superpowers.

I hold a Professional Doctorate in User-System Interaction and a Master's in Industrial Psychology. And I can brew coffee in 6 different ways ☕

Is coaching right for me?

If you're not sure, that's OK. We can schedule a free, 20-minute call to talk about it (no strings attached).

What if I have questions in between sessions?

As a member of our community, I'm your personal UX guy. You have unlimited access to me via e-mail & text.

"Creativity, extensive knowledge, endless curiosity, and long time experience in the field, make Brian not just a great team leader but also a very valuable mentor. He is a complete design professional, but what makes him truly special is the ability to pair his deep knowledge with a warm, positive and team oriented attitude."

Chiara Vercesi Art Director & Illustrator @ wearereasonablepeople

"For me, Brian has been more of a mentor/coach than my own teachers during my studies have been. The level of information he manages to put inside one’s head without ever losing patience or vigor is miraculous. Even towards high-level stakeholders, he manages to communicate a clear understandable story which everyone buys into."

Tom Reinhoudt User Interface Designer @ Philips Lighting

"Brian is many things to me. He is a mentor, a friend, a brother, and a partner in trying to make the world a more Good place. Words that directly come to mind when I think of him are: honest and open, compassionate, perceptive, dangerously intelligent, loving. What else could you want from a UX guru?"

Hector Pahaut Visual Design for Creative Media