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We are the Greatness Studio

Designing a More Compassionate World with Empathy, Emotion, & Ethics

The Greatness Studio represents a community of User Experience professionals who explore and improve their craft in a safe, constructive environment.

We help unlock your (team's) UX Superpowers with Coaching, Training, and Consulting.

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We believe that a better world comes from great design, and great design comes from you. Whether you’re a recent graduate starting your career, a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your tools, or a startup on a quest for excellence, we can help you out.

Hi I’m Brian Pagán, Founder & UX Coach here at The Greatness Studio. I’ve been working in User Experience for over 15 years, specializing in Empathy for Design, persuasive design, prototyping, value proposition creation, & design for Agile.

As an actor, I’m bringing tools from theatre & film into the practices of product development. I love giving talks & workshops, hiking in the mountains, singing karaoke, and living as a (digital) nomad.

Brian Pagán - Founder & UX Mentor at The Greatness Studio

Our Core Values

Empathy informs meaningful design by Mindfully living into other people’s perspectives.
Emotion goes both ways: how do we want people to feel while using what we create?
Ethics drives a craft that respects our planet and people’s rights, effort, & experience.

Creativity, extensive knowledge, endless curiosity, and long time experience in the field, make Brian not just a great team leader but also a very valuable mentor.  

He is a complete design professional, but what makes him truly special is the ability to pair his deep knowledge with a warm, positive and team oriented attitude.

The first thing I always notice about Brian is his intensity. When I am with him, he is completely there with me. He is present, and a presence to behold. This allows him to not only figure out what it truly is you are trying to achieve and hoping to go towards, but it pushes you to also become more aware and present yourself.

What else could you want from a UX guru?

Brian’s encouragement and support has given me the confidence to rely on my own qualities as a freelance UX researcher. He patiently helped me define what I want to achieve, why and how.

As a UX professional, Brian always understands the context of topics we discuss, whether it is how to evangelize UX, debates around form design, or facilitating team communication.

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