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We're at our best when we're helping each other toward greatness.

About Us

Our security, health, & lives depend on technology working for us. But I find that we creators, myself included, get so distracted by the latest gadget or growth metric that we forget why we really make things.

I started The Greatness Studio because we can do better. Lets look past the technology, beyond the data, and feel with the people we create for. Let's inspire them and help them solve their real problems, not sell them meaningless junk or turn them into click-slaves.

It's time to unlock your superpowers. Are you ready?

Best regards,

The Greatness Studio

Hi, I'm Brian Pagán, and I've been in User Experience for over 15 years.

I've failed and succeeded with everything from designing websites for SME's, to digital strategy for ad agencies, then award-winning mobile apps for Philips. And I've given workshops at companies, conferences, & universities in 6 countries.

Where to find me

Get in touch here

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
brian [at] thegreatness.studio
KvK: 66305039

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The Greatness Studio represents a community of creative professionals that embrace vulnerability as a superpower. We support each other and explore our craft in a safe, constructive environment.

Core Values
  • Empathy allows us to feel with people and deeply understand their needs.
  • Emotion helps us connect with people and inspire them to greatness.
  • Ethics guides us to respect people's human rights, effort, and experience.

The Greatness Studio website and e-mail are hosted by Vimexx at BIT datacenter in Ede, the Netherlands. All information you send us is stored there (not at e.g. MailChimp).

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