Empathy in Design Campfire Stories – TU Delft 2023

Is empathy a force for good, or just another buzzword? Here are some real-world examples of empathy in design.

Empathy helps us share sparks of deep insight.

Guest Lecture

Delft University of Technology
Remotely Live from Palomino, Colombia: 2 October 2023, 09:45 UTC+2

Test panels, sensitizers, and journey maps are great ways to infuse empathy into our design work. In this guest lecture, I share some failures and successes from my 21-year career in UX design. As a bonus, I include four guidelines to communicate for empathy more effectively.



20231002 Empathy in Design Campfire Stories - Slides Cover - the Greatness Studio

👉 Download the slides here (PDF)

Character Map Canvas (PDF)

Ethical Design Checklist (PDF)


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