Sustainable Business Modeling for Dummies like Me

I’m trying to figure something out, but I need your help.

How might we help non-experts to support and/or build truly sustainable businesses?

Hypothesis: A Business is Truly Sustainable If…

1. Their Value Proposition is Meaningful

Whatever they produce makes the world healthier & happier.

2. Their Growth has Boundary Conditions

They design & follow measurable limits to their growth & growth rates.

3. Their Stakes & Benefits are Connected

Anyone who is affected by their work also benefits in meaningful ways.

4. Their Value Exchange is Fair & Equitable

Their prices are enough to sustain them, without exploiting their customers.


Check out this slide deck with my thoughts on this and how I arrived at this hypothesis 😃

Cover slide for the deck: Sustainable Business Modeling for Dummies like Me (Prepared with love by The Greatness Studio)

👉 Download the slides here (PDF)

Special Thanks

To Hester Bruikman, MariaGiulia Benato, & Sherin Wafaai: thank you for your help in inspiring and shaping this framework! 😃

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