Creative Empathy for Meaningful UX – Gofore 2021

Meaningful human experiences address our deepest needs. And Creative Empathy helps us discover those needs.

So while it can seem mysterious or magical, empathy is more like a muscle. That’s why anyone, including you, can train and develop it!

Creative Empathy is our backstage pass to each other’s subconscious experience.

Interactive Session: Creative Empathy for Meaningful UX

Gofore Designers’ Talks
Streaming Live: 27 May 2021, 14:00 – 14:55 UTC+3

This interactive session demystifies empathy as a skill. And we cover practical techniques anyone can use to deploy Creative Empathy for Meaningful UX.

First, we look at core concepts and review an example case. Then, we practice a simple empathy technique. Finally, we close with a group discussion.


  • The process behind it
  • How it works
  • Some techniques and examples


  • Examine a Gofore case
  • Conduct free-written recall
  • Make design recommendations
  • Discuss


  • Designers
  • Researchers
  • Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Anyone who develops products & services (at Gofore 😉)


Creative Empathy for Meaningful UX with Gofore

👉 Download the slides here (PDF)

Character Map Canvas (PDF)

Ethical Design Checklist (PDF)

The Creative Empathy Field Guide

Whether we’re writing a play, designing a product, or building a business, The Creative Empathy Field Guide is your practical toolkit for applying empathy to any creative process. And it’s available as an e-book at!

The Creative Empathy Field Guide
The Creative Empathy Field Guide is available at


Creative Empathy

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Creative Empathy is a toolkit for connecting with people’s deepest needs in any creative project.

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