The Creative Empathy Field Guide

Whether we’re writing a play, designing a product, or building a business, The Creative Empathy Field Guide is your practical toolkit for applying empathy to any creative process.


The greatest innovations address our deepest needs. And creative empathy is our key to discovering them. So while empathy seems like magic, it’s more like a muscle. That’s why anyone, including you, can train and develop it!

The Creative Empathy Field Guide examines core concepts and covers practical techniques to facilitate empathy in ourselves and teams. Also, it features real-life examples and strategies to avoid common empathy pitfalls. 

What People Say

"The book was incredible in exploring new dimensions of empathy and how it affects those working on innovation and technology when designing new tools / solutions for the public."
Ghada Alaa Hamdy holding a paperback copy of The Creative Empathy Field Guide

Ghada Alaa Hamdy

Partnerships Specialist
United Nations Technology Innovation Labs

"I've really enjoyed digging through the information - the imagery and layout is just so accessible. I look forward to keeping it beside me to refer to for many years to come!"
Portrait of Brigette Metzler

Brigette Metzler

ResearchOps Lead
Australian Dept. of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

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The book is available as an e-book via Bookboon.

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The Creative Empathy Field Guide
The Creative Empathy Field Guide is available at Bookboon.

Table of Contents

Part One: Creative Empathy & Its Benefits

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Human Experience
  • Chapter 2: Product-Market Fit
  • Chapter 3: Sustainable Innovation

Part Two: How Creative Empathy Works

  • Chapter 4: The Empathic Design Process
  • Chapter 5: The Eindhoven Empathy Model

Part Three: Increasing Empathic Ability

  • Chapter 6: Develop Your Emotional Vocabulary
  • Chapter 7: Practice Mindfulness
  • Chapter 8: Train as An Actor
  • Chapter 9: Experience Life Fully

Part Four: Increasing Proximity

  • Chapter 10: Get Out of The Office
  • Chapter 11: Simulate People’s Context
  • Chapter 12: Eat Your Own Dog Food
  • Chapter 13: Play the Role
  • Chapter 14: Become Your Customer

Part Five: Creative Empathy for Teams

  • Chapter 15: Nurture Psychological Safety
  • Chapter 16: Create Relatable Characters
  • Chapter 17: Tell Compelling Stories
  • Chapter 18: Include Your Team
  • Chapter 19: Hire Your Customer

Part Six: Final Thoughts

  • Chapter 20: Empathy Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  • Chapter 21: Go Forth and Create

Creative Empathy

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Creative Empathy is a toolkit for connecting with people’s deepest needs in any creative project.

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