The Creative Empathy Field Guide

The greatest innovations address our deepest needs. And creative empathy is your key to discovering them. So while empathy seems like magic, it’s more like a muscle. That’s why anyone, including you, can train and develop it!

Whether we’re writing a play, designing a product, or building a business, The Creative Empathy Field Guide is your practical toolkit for applying empathy to any creative process. And it’s available as an e-book at

It examines core concepts and covers practical techniques to facilitate empathy in ourselves and teams. Also, it features real-life examples and strategies to avoid common empathy pitfalls. 

The Creative Empathy Field Guide
The Creative Empathy Field Guide is available at Bookboon.

Table of Contents

Part One: Creative Empathy & Its Benefits

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Human Experience
  • Chapter 2: Product-Market Fit
  • Chapter 3: Sustainable Innovation

Part Two: How Creative Empathy Works

  • Chapter 4: The Empathic Design Process
  • Chapter 5: The Eindhoven Empathy Model

Part Three: Increasing Empathic Ability

  • Chapter 6: Develop Your Emotional Vocabulary
  • Chapter 7: Practice Mindfulness
  • Chapter 8: Train as An Actor
  • Chapter 9: Experience Life Fully

Part Four: Increasing Proximity

  • Chapter 10: Get Out of The Office
  • Chapter 11: Simulate People’s Context
  • Chapter 12: Eat Your Own Dog Food
  • Chapter 13: Play the Role
  • Chapter 14: Become Your Customer

Part Five: Creative Empathy for Teams

  • Chapter 15: Nurture Psychological Safety
  • Chapter 16: Create Relatable Characters
  • Chapter 17: Tell Compelling Stories
  • Chapter 18: Include Your Team
  • Chapter 19: Hire Your Customer

Part Six: Final Thoughts

  • Chapter 20: Empathy Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  • Chapter 21: Go Forth and Create

Creative Empathy

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Creative Empathy is a toolkit for connecting with people’s deepest needs in any creative project.

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