Our Emotions Can Guide Us

Charlotte Lunsingh Scheurleer
By Charlotte Lunsingh Scheurleer
Community Member

If you would have asked me a while ago how things were going, I would have given you an answer full of uncertainty, emotion, and negative feelings. I had recently changed jobs and things didn’t work out the way I had expected. At that point, I started feeling uncertain about my whole career.

Since doing this exercise in November, lots of things have changed!

Luckily in UX, you are never alone! We have such a nice community that I felt understood and comforted by all the others out there that recognize these struggles.

What Feels Good, and What Doesn’t?

Brian gave me a simple tip to draw two columns: one for things I want more of, and one for things I want less of. “Let your feelings guide you,” he said, “and if you cry, you’re on to something big…” Here’s what I wrote down:

I want More

  • Control over my work
  • UX work
  • Nice teams
  • Laughter
  • Value-based work

I want Less

  • Political games
  • Useless meetings
  • Travel time
  • Negative feelings
  • Uncertainty
  • Scope-fixed work
  • Being a general servant

Taking Control

I had no idea that I could influence so many of the things on this list.

First, I organized some workshops! Controlling the sessions, involving different stakeholders, and time-boxing gave me more control over my work, and improved our team spirit.

Also, I started blocking my agenda from 3 pm. This allows me to get back home at a reasonable time. And I get more work done while working from the train and home.

What Did I Learn?

This situation helped me to realize again that I can overcome most struggles by initiating things myself. Uncertain and emotional times will keep coming, but I hope that UX communities will be there for me and help me get back on my feet again.

I would like to help and motivate others whenever I can, so please feel free to reach out to me. Keep up your superpowers!

Editor’s note: Special thanks to Kika Fuenzalida for the original cover illustration.