How to Build Humane Technology – Vested Summit 2018

The amazing folks at Vested Summit 2018 invited Hester & Brian for two parts of their event.

How can we build technology that doesn’t exploit us, but empowers us instead?

Vested Summit 2018
9 – 12 May 2018, El Gouna, Egypt

Training – Perfect Your Pitch

Brian had the privilege to give pitch training to the social entrepreneurs, for their time in the shark tank. And Hester mentored those startup teams during the Hackathon.

Pitch Training in El Gouna, Egypt - Brian Pagán at Vested Summit 2018

Fireside Chat – How to Build Humane Technology

Brian also got the chance to discuss How to Build Humane Technology during a fireside chat with S[k]aleUp Ventures co-founder Sherin Wafaai!

Vested Summit - Fireside Chat - How to Build Humane Technology - Sherin Wafaai - Brian Pagán


Plus, A Minute Marvel interviewed Brian!


I’m Brian Pagán, founder and UX Coach at The Greatness Studio. I’ve been doing User Experience Design for about 16 years now. And five years ago, I actually started acting as well.

It occurred to me that a lot of the techniques that actors use, and have been using for thousands of years, since Aristotle, can be extremely useful for User Experience Designers as well.

Because one of the main tools of a great UX Designer is Empathy. It’s being able to live into the perspective of another person, or even a fictitious archetype that represents many people.

And that’s exactly what actors are doing! So, I just wanna take these techniques, that we’ve been using for thousands of years, and apply them to the field of User Experience Design.

I’m actually inspired by the vision that they (Vested Summit) want to create a hub for Conscious Tech, so that we can make businesses, and create technology, that serves humanity, rather than making technology that makes the humans serve it.

Special thanks to Sherin Wafaai & Hester Bruikman-Pagán.