Sustainable Habits for Love – ProfsoUX 2018

Out of all the products and services we use, the ones that stick are the ones we’ve built habits around using. This talk covers Nir Eyal’s HOOK model and how we can use it to design meaningful products & services people can fall in love with.

Out of all the apps on your smartphone, how many have you continued to use after the first week?

Opening Keynote – Sustainable Habits for Love

ProfsoUX 2018
14 & 15 April 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia


Спасибо ProfsoUX & Stas Fomin for recording Brian’s closing keynote!

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Brian at ProfsoUX 2018


HOOK Model Canvas (PDF)

Character Map Canvas (PDF)


👉 Download the slides here (PDF)

Love is a Habit


Special thanks to Julia Malyk, Julia Kryuchkova, Yuri Solonitsyn, & Hester Bruikman-Pagán!