DDEX Seminar 2018 – Ethical Questions for Data-Enriched Design

Data-Driven Experience Design Seminar at BrightCape
30 August 2018, High Tech Campus 31, Eindhoven

Our security, health, & lives depend on technology working for people. But we creators often get so distracted by what we’re creating, that we forget why we’re creating it; or even if we should be creating it at all.

This talk offers a human experience perspective on heroism & villainy, a simple exercise for articulating your personal mission, and a checklist to help understand the impact of your decisions when gathering, analyzing, & designing with data.



Touch here for the slides or on the image below...

Heroes & Villains - Ethical Questions for Data-Enriched Design

Ethical Design Checklist

Touch here to see the original Google Doc. Feel free to leave a comment!

Ethical Design Checklist v0.2

Identify all your stakeholders.
Identify their costs & benefits.
Design to empower humans.
Test your assumptions.
Share your insights.



Special thanks to Hester Bruikman-Pagán & Mark Nelson.

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