Hook Model Canvas

The Hook Model Canvas is a collaborative ideation tool for designing sustainable habits, based on Nir Eyal’s Hook model.


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This closing keynote at the ProfsoUX conference in St. Petersburg explains how I use the Hook Model Canvas to create love-worthy products & services.

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Brian at ProfsoUX 2018

Sustainable Habits

We often don’t achieve our long-term goals, because we lack the necessary habits. But sustainable, meaningful habits empower people by helping them accomplish things like learning a new language, losing weight, or following a medical treatment plan.

Empower people; don’t exploit them.

Truly sustainable habits are helpful, not harmful. So Do not use this tool to exploit people, addict people, or make people unfairly dependent on your product or service.

Instead, use it to engage people in fair, equitable exchanges of value. That’s where you empower people in meaningful ways, and they reward you for it.

HOOK Model Canvas 20180726