Designing Products with Personality

How can we connect with people emotionally?

Out of all the products and services we use, the ones that stick are the ones we fall in love with. And love goes deeper than just how someone looks. We fall in love with how someone behaves, how they talk to us, and how they make us feel. We fall in love with someone's personality.

Giving things personality lets us engage with them on a deep, visceral level.

The Workshop

In this workshop, we explore how to breathe personality into a product or service, so people can fall in love with it. We design a system character, write content guidelines, visualize data so it resonates with our emotions, and present our work to each other.

How do we connect with people emotionally?

This workshop is for UX designers, entrepreneurs, developers, marketing professionals, and anyone who wants to build engaging relationships with people.

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Designing Products with Personality

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